The huge 1 ¾” x 1” boulder opal in this necklace has vibrant flashes of lime green, neon aqua, lavender, and indigo. I wanted to keep the necklace subtle while accentuating the flash so I chose light amethyst, (rose’ de France), and smoky quartz in the onion briolette cut. The smoky quarts keeps it grounded by picking up the matrix of the opal. The onion beads are extraordinarily sparkly, so I used smooth apatite accents to compliment the aqua flash in the opal. The remainder of the necklace is teeny tiny sapphire briolettes in subtle calming earth tones. I think I nailed the stringing for this piece of opal. It is 16 ¾” on wire with a 14k lobster claw clasp.