Tough Love Infinity

This is one of the tiniest infinities I’ve ever made. It makes me think of when I was in art school at FIT. My favorite professor, Tony Lent, did not approve of using a tool called a ring clamp to hold our work if it was too small to work on. His mantra was, “If you need a ring clamp, you shouldn’t be working on it!”

Tough love, but it must have worked because I don’t even own a ring clamp anymore. The stones in this piece are apatite and moonstone. They are each 4.5mm. The setting is 14k gold. There is a lobster claw clasp. It is strung with 3mm round apatites and 2.5mm facetted labradorites. It is 16.5 inches long, strung on a durable synthetic fiber that moves like silk but doesn’t stretch, shred or fray. This piece is so dainty and feminine that it would be perfect for a responsible, young girl.