Solid Australian Semi-Black Opal Drop

This a beautiful grey body color opal (28mm x 10mm). It has predominantely green and teal pinfire flash with an occasional orange and yellow flash. The finish is a mirror luster! I have strung it on facetted blue zircon beads. Those of you who already own a strand of my zircons, you are very lucky because it has increased in price exponentially! I had been actively seaching for over half a year and no one had any. Finally I found a website that had five strands left at the OLD PRICE! I was elated and got all five strands. They are exceptional too. So here is one of the strands with tiny neon and chrome diopside accents sprinkled in to represent the flash in the stone and add subtle interest! It is strung to 16 ¼ inches in length on a durable, synthetic fiber that moves and feels like silk, but doesn't stretch, shred or fray. The clasp is a lobster claw.