Pink Autumn

I made this unique line of necklaces that mixes unusual pieces of jasper with sparkly facetted gemstones. This piece has a large facetted jasper drop. The best way I can think to describe this stone is from far away it looks like a rust and burnt umber color, but when you look very closely you can see all these little channels and “capillaries,” exactly like when you look very closely into someone’s eye. From a far, it may just look like a brown eye, but when you gaze into it, it looks like a whole planet with stuff going on. That is a perfect description of this stone. This necklace also has carved jasper leaves and 2 large purple polyhedron facetted fluorite beads (sorry not seen in photo). It is 14k gold and has a lobster claw clasp. The majority of the necklace is a speckled range of pink tourmaline tones. It is strung to 18 inches on a durable synthetic string that moves like silk but won’t shred, stretch, or fray like silk.