Freeform Trillion Sugulite Necklace with Blue Tourmaline Drop

This is a beautiful trillion-like freeform piece of sugulite with a bunch of other unknown minerals that make it brown, tan and greenas well. It is teamed with a mostly blue, with a touch of pink tourmaline slice drop. The bezel is fine silver and the rest is sterling silver. It has an open back. It is strung on beautiful, gradient blue tourmaline, smooth, roundel beads to a length of 18 3/8" long on a synthetic fiber called spectra, which is actually the same stuff that Dave uses when rigging sailboats! Spectra moves like silk but doesn't stretch, shred, or fray like silk and it takes a high load so I don't even worry about breakage. The size of the pendant is 1 1/2" x 1 1/8" long including the bail.