Fine Teeny Sea Glass Necklace with Fancy Watermelon Tourmaline Drop

This is a very pretty 1" x 1/2" pendant (including the bail) strung on the tiniest seed pearls that I have ever seen. The look is very delicate, like the infinity style of delicate necklace if you are familiar with that one. This sweet piece of tan sea glass is from Vinalhaven, Maine is teamed with a  pentagonal shaped watermelon tourmaline slice. It has a blue topaz set in a teeny 14k gold bezel accented into the sea glass. It is strung to a length of 17" on a synthetic fiber called spectra, which is actually the same stuff that Dave uses when rigging sailboats! Spectra moves like silk but doesn't stretch, shred, or fray like silk and it takes a high load so I don't even worry about breakage. The pendant bezel is fine silver and all of the other metal is sterling silver.