Butterscotch and Gumdrops

I made this unique line of necklaces that mixes unusual pieces of jasper with sparkly facetted gemstones. This one looks like candy. The butterscotch jasper pendant has a subtle line of pink running through it. I’ve used tons expensive high quality smooth tourmaline drops, and translucent faceted jasper beads.

I know the photo doesn’t show the whole necklace so I will describe what happens where the photo ends. The pattern continues. After every 10 translucent earth tone facetted jasper beads there are four very nice pinks and green tourmaline smooth drops. As you go toward the back, the colors of the tourmalines include more darker greens than pink. It is very pretty. The length is 19.5 inches and is strung on a durable synthetic string that moves like silk but won’t shred, stretch, or fray like silk.