Boulder Opal Sailboat Brooch

These are three very blue, very pretty boulder opals. The opals themselves look great in all lights. The boulder in the opal representing “the boat” looks like splashes of water and the waterline. The white patterns in the opal “sails” look like reflections of the clouds on a summer day. My husband the sailor said, “honey that’s great, it even has mast rake.”

I don’t know what mast rake is personally, but when a rigger says it’s good, that’s good enough for me! The bezels on this piece are solid 22k gold. The under bezels are solid 14k. It is a marriage of the two metals. This piece is so gold laden that it’s actually pretty heavy for a piece of jewelry. It is a brooch that would be great worn by a man or a woman! It is a hand formed and fabricated one of a kind piece of Jewelry. I’m proud of this one friends. I hope it finds a good home.