Bear Track

A friend named this piece for me. She said it resembles the Native American symbol for bear track, which is a good omen. The “palm” is a gorgeous 19mm x 10mm boulder opal with intense teal green, purple, blue, and violet broad flash. It is oriented to flash when worn because of the curvature of the chest. The “fingers” are amethyst, gorgeous blue green tourmaline, and rare tsavorite garnet. They are each approximately  9mm x 5mm facetted pear shapes. The bezels are all hand formed and fabricated of 22k gold, with 14k gold underbezels. The “chain” is all gold wave beads with a flower and gold ball segment between each bead that adds beauty and makes it lie properly. It is a signed piece with a lobster claw clasp, strung on a durable synthetic string that moves like silk but won’t shred, stretch, or fray like silk.